Ok, let’s talk.

This week, I announced I’d be moving to Mixer and I’ve gotten some questions about it. I figured I’d take a moment and address the most common questions and try to make clear my decisions and why I made them.

How much is Mixer paying you?: Not a thing. I understand you’re seeing some top 10 streamers get bought out right now and it’s an understandable question. Our community is still in it’s infancy so it’s unrealistic to expect any pay for me to switch.

What’s wrong with Twitch?: It’s not that there’s anything inherently wrong with Twitch. There are a lot of concerns I have with the platform as a content creator. Overall, when I was an affiliate (under the name ScotchOnTheRocks) I felt more like an employee of Twitch than a partner or affiliate in the sense of the word. I felt this way based on their treatment of their partners, top level through to the entry level even. Mixer has demonstrated over and over again that they intend to take this industry as seriously as it’s content creators.

Will you ever come back to Twitch?: It’s hard to say.

Why did you switch?: As mentioned above, it comes down to fair treatment. It comes down to the fact that Mixer appears to be as serious about my career as I am.

I hope this answers a few questions. I’ll cya next weekend, over on Mixer.

Til then, be good to yourselves and be good to eachother!

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