Privacy Policy

Welp! I never thought I’d have to write one of these, but here goes.

Signing up for, and even using, this website means you’re giving me information.

What I collect is the information literally provided during signup, which isn’t a lot. Date of birth or ID will only be collected when necessary in order to enforce 21+ rules where required. If you think gender was placed in for anything more than a 50/50 split between being a mild joke and legitimately catering to those who feel the need to either express themselves or spite the system. (see apache attack helicopter option) Information collected is not retained or used thereafter.

Also this website will use cookies, but literally just to remember that you’re logged in so you don’t have to log back in every time you click on a link.

I may also run polls or surveys. I’ll always disclose why and how I’m using the information. They’re never required, though. Also, if I’m not as transparent as you would like, please feel free to seek further clarification. (Publicly or privately, your choice. I have fuck all to hide.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. Hop on the discord and send me a message.

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